Sculptured and Moulded Works


Williams and Willson fabricate a variety of sculptured work and employ various mould making techniques to create copies, adaptations and original pieces.

Copies are made either by moulding and casting the original or by sculpting a replica.

When creating adaptations, the process generally begins with the moulding and casting of an original or of a sculpted version of the original.
The piece is then adapted to various extents by cutting away sections, rearranging elements and sculpting entirely new sections.
Once the adapted sculpture is finished, another mould is made and the final piece is cast.

Originals are created by first designing and sculpting an artwork, then moulding the sculpture and casting the final piece.

The mould making and casting methods used include working in silicones, plasters, various resins and plastics as well as metals.

Work can also be commissioned in bronze, aluminium and pewter.


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