17th Century Decorative Style Bird Ceiling


This ceiling painting is an original design based on 17th Century Dutch decorative bird and floral ceilings. Many of the birds and plants represented in the ceiling were copied from similarly painted ceilings of the same period.

To give the impression of an aged ceiling, a variety of methods were employed before and after the pictorial layers.

Firstly an under layer of oil paint was applied to simulate old paint on wood. The painting was then executed on top of this surface. After the painting was finished, the ceiling was lightly sanded.

Following this multiple oil patinas were applied to create various ageing effects. The final layer of ageing was the application of stone paste.

The painted beams were an adaptation of decorative beams often found accompanying this style of painting. The panels of the beams were painted in a naive faux wood technique. The underside of the beams consists of floral decorations with gold leaf ornaments. Similar patinas were applied to the beams as those used on the ceiling.

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