De Grote Zaal – The main drawing room


For this project, the client had in their possession three large 18th Century oil paintings, around which they wished to design an entire room.

For the ceiling painting the client had chosen an oil sketch by Jacob de Wit of  ” The Apotheosis of Aeneas “. – click here to see the sketch by Jacob de Wit – The painting was realised in oil directly on the plastered and primed ceiling.

The paintings depict scenes from the Greek myth of Dido and Aeneas. Five paintings were designed and created: two side panels to extend the largest existing painting, two independent paintings depicting missing scenes in the narrative and a ceiling painting.

The designs for the four wall paintings were original designs made based on the compositional language and aesthetic of the original artist. The artist or artists are unknown. The three original paintings were the only resource available.

The four wall paintings were executed in oil on linen canvas.

Two of the wall paintings were designed to have doors that open through them.

As regards the simulation of the surfaces, a cracking technique was applied.

When the paintings were completed, a light patina was applied to create a finish similar to the originals.

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