18th Century Style Decorative Floral Frames

This set of frames was adapted after a set of 18th Century Decorative Floral Frames on display at the Van Loon Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With the cooperation of the museum, Williams and Willson photographed and studied the original frames. Williams and Willson fabricated eight new frames based on this research.

The frames were made by sculpting replicas of the original frames as well as by creating new decorative elements to be incorporated into the new frames that fit the esthetic of the originals and the desires of the client.

The decorative elements of the frames were sculpted in plasticine and wax.

Moulds were then made using silicone rubber and plaster. Castings were made in polyurethane.

The decorative elements of the frames were created in two stages; the first stage was sculpting, moulding and casting the main decorative flourishes and the second stage was sculpting, moulding and casting the floral ornamentation. The floral ornaments was fabricated separately at the client’s request so that they could be used interchangeably to adapt new frames in the future. Once all of the decorative and floral ornaments were cast, the two were joined together to create the full final ornaments of the frame.

The ornaments were painted in oil paint and gold paint. They were then attached to the wood moulding and installed onto the wall.

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